Drum-in, disc, electronic e-brake, hydraulic parking brake system: which one to choose?

All of our parking brake systems are bolt-on with the OEM systems (including Plug'n'Play electronic E-brake systems).

- Drum-in Disc parking brake system is the most common design used for cars with drum style parking brake, located inside the rear disc's hats. Select this option to keep your OEM parking brake working on your car. 

- Locking Disc type parking brake system is for cars that are equipped with cable operated parking brake mechanisms directly on the rear main callipers, such as Audi, Fiat, Honda, Nissan Silvia, Toyota MR2, AE86, Skoda, Seat, Volvo, VW and more...

- Electronic E-brakes are also available for modern vehicles and are fully plug'n'play. It takes time to develop, but we add more applications every month, so stay tuned for new model availability. No code or fault light display!

 - Hydraulic handbrake parking system is for race or drift/rally use. It is a complete parking brake with master cylinder to install in car. (Supplied without hoses.)