What kind of custom color finish do you offer? 

We have a wide range of colors available. Most importantly, we have different kinds of custom caliper finish. All our calipers come with anti-corrosion primer anodized coating before the custom color finish is applied:

We can offer the calipers with sandblasting or without sandblasting, prior to finishing the color. Most calipers you see in the market are sandblasted, but since ours are custom built in small batch, we can leave them raw after machining, in order to obtain a very smooth and slick surface.

Send us a message stating what kind of color you would like. Feel free to attach a picture as an example and we will help you choose from the closest colors:

- Anodized finish: anti-corrosion + color (Free option)

- Gloss anodized finish: anti-corrosion + color + gloss clear coat. (+$40)

- Hard-anodized finish: thicker and tougher anodized finish for more durability and protection. (Please ask for color availability) (+$40)

- Painted Gloss finish: anti-corrosion + gloss color paint (+$80)

- Custom Painted Gloss finish: anti-corrosion + unique custom gloss color paint. (Please send us Pantone code, or a bunch of sample pictures)

Rotor hats are only available in anodized finish and raw polished alloy, to avoid extra thickness to the hubs.